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The Musings of Mystic's Mind
I was just wondering if anybody knows anything about the new movie premier or anything...I assume that it is in NYC, but what is the date? Any information like that would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to that, is anyone getting together to see the movie because two of my friends are going to NYC for the occasion...

Any info would be awesome.

Thanks much,

Take a stab at Mystic
**Sorry for the language in advance, I just had to blow off some steam.**

Fuck you all. I can't stand your shit.
Go AWAY, you piss me off.
I try and try but you blow me away.
Now I've given up again and
decided to be a loner
I wonder how long it will be
until you see me again.
Forgotten, into the background I blend
Into the black, the darkness I descend.
Alone and forgotten
Away I send myself
Unwanted. Unneeded
To safety I go
Hidden away until I'm called forth
Until the next time I am hurt.

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Current Music: Three Days Grace "Home"

Take a stab at Mystic
LJ people are the best you can find anywhere.

I just received 2 months paid lj time.  Thanks so much to the one who gifted me, who-told-me-not-their-name.

I'm starting to write the letters that I promised I would, I'm hoping to work on them tomorrow night, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  LOL.

Thanks again everyone for just checking out my list, even if you didn't do anything for me.

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Take a stab at Mystic
Odd little info, off from the JKRowling webpage.

Wizard of the Month

Devlin Whitehorn (1945-present)--Founder of the Nimbus racing broom company.
Take a stab at Mystic
Today I remembered a time when I used sit on the bus in middle school and hope that someone would sit next to me so that I could feel their body heat and know that I was still alive.

It is sad to say that I had a moment like that today, while being surrounded by people who were involed with others.
Take a stab at Mystic
Anybody know someone who wants/needs a gmail account?  I have access to up to 6/7 invitations. 

It's on a first come, first serve basis. 

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1 Knife wound or Take a stab at Mystic
Just a few days ago, I just got taught another life lesson.  You know the one where you don't need enemies when you have friends.  While my best friend decided to prove that one to me.  She totally moved in on this guy she *knew I liked (she had even asked me and I had yes).  He even knew she liked someone else.  So I was mad at that, then later (when I was being nice and agreeing with the guy that she was pretty *you know reassuring you friend type of thing*) she made a series of lesbian jokes at my expense.  (I definitely don't mean to be mean to anyone with these comments).  I felt so hurt.  I try to act nice and it backfires on me.  Then on top of that, my friend calls me up yesterday and asked me what she should do about the two guys.  I'm so mad at her.  Arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm pissed off, and I know that I will never tell my friend how I feel.  That is what bites. 

Sorry about the rant. 

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2 Knife wounds or Take a stab at Mystic
I hate it when people threaten you with getting ride of objects of....some worth.  I regretfully still live with a relative to save money for school and other needs and as I am on break until the beginning of September and sparingly working, I spend a lot of my time on the computer, doing/talking Harry Potter, of course. (The computer I am using is 5 years old, and my relative is not using it..they have an up-to-date laptop, so they don't have a need for this computer, while I of course do.)  Because of these factors, my relative has been threatening to get rid of the computer and saying "you can do what kids used to do years ago---use the school's computers".  I guess some people just can't out of living in the sixties and seventies.  This person still asks their mom for advice on what to do for punishment for the kid of the house.          ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Sorry to rant and ramble on, but I needed to get it off my chest.

Peace, Love, and be a marauder.  (taken from some FF.Net author note)

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Take a stab at Mystic
Gay or Not Gay?
by tashay17
LJ Name
Favorite Color
Gay or Not Gay?Bi-sexual
Quiz created with MemeGen!

This is a really really old meme gacked from diagonalistWhile I don't know, if it's really old....I just found it while looking through diagonalist's journal

And it does lead me to think sometimes, that I don't know what my sexual orientation.  I'm not too bothered with it so, I really don't care how a person looks (now looking back at that----I'll be honest, I kind of care.  But not really,) it totally has to do with the personality.  Since you will have to put up with the person for hopefully a long time.  Right now, I'm focusing on my education and my friends laugh at me for the reason that I don't want a relationship with a stupid meaningless relationship with a person that just wants to have sex.

Kind of makes me give it more thought.  Just what I need, something new to ponder for a while.
Oh well, another thought for another time, as early morning (12:10) has come again.

See you all on the flipside.

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Take a stab at Mystic
You know, last night I kind of planned what I was going to do today.  It was only a few things, you know--- do my laundry, buy a birthday present for a friend, and set up my entertainment center.  Did I get to finish all of this?  NO!!!!!!!  I spent the day doing stuff for my mom and step dad.  But I did find the time to buy a present for my friend.  Thank Merlin.

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