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Hmm...Very Interesting.... - The Musings of Mystic's Mind
Hmm...Very Interesting....
Gay or Not Gay?
by tashay17
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This is a really really old meme gacked from diagonalistWhile I don't know, if it's really old....I just found it while looking through diagonalist's journal

And it does lead me to think sometimes, that I don't know what my sexual orientation.  I'm not too bothered with it so, I really don't care how a person looks (now looking back at that----I'll be honest, I kind of care.  But not really,) it totally has to do with the personality.  Since you will have to put up with the person for hopefully a long time.  Right now, I'm focusing on my education and my friends laugh at me for the reason that I don't want a relationship with a stupid meaningless relationship with a person that just wants to have sex.

Kind of makes me give it more thought.  Just what I need, something new to ponder for a while.
Oh well, another thought for another time, as early morning (12:10) has come again.

See you all on the flipside.

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